IT professional working on business computer server network

IT Network Business Solutions

Businesses today cannot compete effectively and efficiently  without a robust IT network infrastructure. Whether working at the office or remotely, your IT solutions along with its security are some of the basic building blocks of your business’s success.

Our team is made up of skilled, experienced and committed technicians, who troubleshoot, test and repair wired and wireless networks, servers, routers/switches, security cameras and VOIP systems and more.

Call Commonwealth Computer Services and let us assess your network at no charge.

IT Network Home or Remote Office

In today’s world, more and more business is being conducted at home. Let CCS come in perform a complimentary assessment and set up your network to ensure your system is secure and running at optimal performance.

Whether you need an update or you’re just getting started, Commonwealth Computer Services can handle all of your residential technology needs.

IT Maintenance Agreements

Our affordable maintenance agreements are designed to keep your network safe and up to date, allowing your business to run securely, smoothly and without interruptions.  These agreements take care of 95% of those time-stealing and annoying issues that arise without warning.  Regular maintenance will keep your system running smooth and we can troubleshoot potential problems before they occur.

This is the essence of “Keeping You Connected.”


Complimentary Assessment

One of our IT experts will provide you with a complimentary assessment on your network.  This is a great way to identify any vulnerabilities to your data and ensure your system is secure and running at optimal levels.  This is a great time to also tell us about future plans and goals so we can provide any technology and technical issues you will need to know about in making your future plans.  Let us give you piece of mind on your network so you can focus on what you do best..  This could be slow load time, loss of connectivity, or simply storage issues.  Contact us today to get your assessment scheduled.