man working on computer in a home office

Home Computer Repair and Setup

If you are having IT trouble, make CCS your first call!

Commonwealth Computer Services provides residential and home computer repair services, including troubleshooting, installation and setup.

Whether you need someone to just get your PC or Mac to work properly or it’s come down to a physical repair, CCS can help you in person or remotely.

If you already have a contract with an out of town IT provider, let CCS be their boots on the ground. We speak the same language and can follow instructions to complete whatever work needs to be performed in person.

helping senior citizens setup and use computer and electronic devices

Senior Computer Services & Tutoring

Commonwealth Computer Services offers in-home or in-residence Senior Care Services for your computers, laptops or tablets. Whether you’re in a house, apartment or assisted living facility, our technicians can schedule a service visit to help you setup, connect and run your devices.

While on-site, our technicians take the time to ensure that you are comfortable using your devices. We are patient and educated in teaching seniors how to use equipment that is unfamiliar to them. Let us help you or your loved one.